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Blue Hands - Potential

Secession Fic: Gone, but not Forgotten - I. Miko (PG) (1/6)

Posted by mardahin on 27.02.2007. at 03:28
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Title: Gone, but not Forgotten - I. Miko (1/6)
Universe: Bridges. Direct sequel to Glimpses of the Edge.
Author: mardahin
Rating: PG
Characters: Miko, Captain Cushman (OMC)
Author's Note: This series is billed as the sequel to Glimpses, but in reality it's more like a dark cousin. It will, through the course of six 'snapshots', explore the world of those left behind on Earth when Atlantis rebelled - either due to obligation or a lack of opportunity. Some of these are humorous, and some are serious. Appropriate warnings will surface as needed.

Summary: "Are you married, Cushman?" "No, sir. I mean, I don't think so."

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Also, I wanted to link an earlier piece that I'm not sure made it over here. Also in the Bridges Universe, it's a Brochure for the second annual gathering of Pegasus Survivors.

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