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Atlantis For Atlantis

A Mutual Support Society

Atlantis for Atlantis - A Mutual Support Society
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A mutual support society for those who either believe that Atlantis will become an independent state eventually, or that it should.

We're open to the posting of fan-fiction, fan-art, 'meta', and just about anything else relating to Independent Atlantis. We only have two rules, both of which fall under the realm of common sense.
  1. Be respectful of others. If you don't agree with someone's views, or find fault with their work, you're more than welcome to present your opinions, but no personal attacks. Discuss the work or evidence presented, not the presenter. We're all continually learning and evolving here.

  2. Cut-Tag your spoilers. Due to the sketchy airing schedules currently in practice, different geographic regions have access to different episodes. As of the creation of this community, SGA season 2 is in syndication in the US (and available on DVD everywhere not-region 1), so we're using that as our common ground. If you're referencing something mentioned in SGA 03x01 or later, please put it under a cut (the same goes for SG-1 10x01). Anything before that is fair game.


Go Forth! Secede! Rebel! Go Rogue! Destroy Earth!
Do whatever you feel applies, and do it well!

The television series Stargate Atlantis, and all characters, locales, etc are the intellectual property of Double Secret, Gecko, MGM, Sci-Fi Channel, and anyone else with the appropriate documentation. This community is merely for speculative and non-profit creative purposes. No money is being made, no ownership is being implied (with the exception of original characters - if one of the authors posting here goes to the effort of creating a character, it's theirs. Same goes for plot-lines. We're not going to sue if something similar pops up anywhere official, but we are reserving bragging rights).