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An Appeal for Help!!!

Posted by saffie_lew on 21.11.2007. at 16:29
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I'm currently working on an `Atlantis Separates from Earth` fic and I'm looking for someone to discuss it with.  I need to go over the major world-building type details and mak sure that everything makes sense.  I would also like to make sure that I haven't inadvertantly stolen anything from other stories of this type, so I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Basically I'm looking for a pre-beta reader, someone to discuss my ideas with.  Anyone who can help will earn my eternal gratitude and huge thank you's (pick your font size) if I ever manage to get any part of this monster posted.


It started out as a tiny little kidfic to make myself feel better about the massive amounts of coursework I had left to do.  Then it turned into not such a feel good kidfic.  And then I started asking questions...(never a good idea if you ever want to get something finsihed).

It will in some most points be McShep.  This is my main pairing, and it used to be focused on the relationship, but then other things started jumping out and shouting `look at me, look at me`, so I'm not sure how major the relationship will be now.

There is a child involved in some of it.  This child is not biologically related to either Sheppard or McKay.  There is no MPreg.

This is set post season 3.  One of the issues I'm trying to iron out, is how to fit aspects of Season 4 into it without making certain character changes.

Many Thanks in Advance.


Spoken Thus dossier at 2007-11-22 15:29 (UTC) (Stability)
I'd be glad to let you bounce ideas off of me, I find that's and excellent way to formalize ideas and create new ones. dossier1013 at gmail dot com
Spoken Thus (Anonymous) at 2007-11-22 21:35 (UTC) (Stability)
Thanks, I'll get some stuff together and send it tomorrow.
Spoken Thus slybrarian at 2007-11-24 03:23 (UTC) (Stability)
Also willing to help out, if you still need it. We need more secession fic *g* slybrarian at gmail
Spoken Thus saffie_lew at 2007-11-25 00:04 (UTC) (Stability)
Thanks. I'm working on getting everything together at the moment, but work is being rubbish the weekend. I'll send everything as soon as I can. Thanks, again.
Spoken Thus saphanibaal at 2007-11-25 20:01 (UTC) (Stability)
I'd help, too, if you need another voice -- I always like going over the details of how a world fits together and logical results of smaller changes.

//so I'm not sure how major the relationship will be now.//

Oh, I know how that goes -- I've been writing a building-up-to-OT3 that seems content to meander all round everywhere rather than actually get there.
Spoken Thus saffie_lew at 2007-11-25 21:42 (UTC) (Stability)
Thanks. It's taking me forever to get everything together, but I appreciate all the opnions I can get.
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