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Secession Series - Dramatic Exit

Posted by slybrarian on 22.07.2007. at 17:38
*tap tap* Anyone still watching this com?

I've been writing a number of fics lately in a single universe, which is slowly but surely turning into some sort of secession series. It's nowhere near complete, and I have no idea when it will be, and tends to meander around as random ideas hit me. There is a (very vague) overall plot being outlined, though, so rest assured, they will actually secede at some point. Thus far there's a couple of slash pairings, with the central one being Sheppard/Lorne - yes, it's a bit odd, but I decided bit of variety from all the McShep would be nice (and besides, Pilot/Pilot is the only way to fly).

I've made a table of contents, listing them in order as posted and as they take place. The specific order you read them in doesn't matter usually, although it might make more sense starting with furtherest up the timeline.

(Dramatic Exit - Table of Contents)


Spoken Thus mardahin at 2007-07-22 22:38 (UTC) (Stability)
Gah, yes. You're not alone. I've just been going through some personal hell recently and not been getting writing done.

Yay! for more secession fic!
Spoken Thus jen_chan13 at 2008-01-24 01:03 (UTC) (Stability)
woot!!!! i was just about to ask myself if anyone is still alive out there. ^_____^ and yay for fic- although, sheppard/lorne. o__O well, i'll still read it, because i'm that kind of disloyal slasher. heh.
Spoken Thus slybrarian at 2008-01-24 02:25 (UTC) (Stability)
Heh. Yeah, Sheppard/Lorne is a bit weird at times, but I find it refreshing even though I'm a McShep lover at heart (which might explain why it's starting to drift more towards a threesome in some of the longer fic I'm working on right now.)
Spoken Thus slybrarian at 2008-01-24 02:50 (UTC) (Stability)
Oh, and just another note, I'd forgotten to update that table, so you might have missed a couple:

Spiraling Towards Disaster - In which I finally go into how the Crazy Relationship Of Weirdness started.

For Reasons Not Worth Going Into - How Chuck the Mountie got assigned to Atlantis.
Botany Strikes Back - In which David Parrish and Katie Brown, Botanists of Action, save the day.
PACMAN - An Evil Conspiracy of Plotting People

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