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Atlantis - Independent Spirit

Secession Fic! 3 Installments of the "Bridges" Universe

Posted by mardahin on 06.02.2007. at 21:30
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In order to avoid spamming everyone, I'm posting a single link for the 3 pieces I've recently posted in the Bridges Universe - the one that branches off post-The Return Part 2 - as part of 14valentines.
  • Glimpses of the Edge - PG-13. 3,500 words.
    The aftermath of the Alliance of Atlantis through the eyes of five very different women.

  • Before, Between, and After - PG-13. 1,500 words.
    But if there was one thing the Pegasus Galaxy had taught Elizabeth, it was that no victory comes without a price. She hadn't realized that the cost of protecting Atlantis would be her soul. Elizabeth, from "Rising" through Bridges and beyond.

  • All She Wants/All She Needs - PG-13. 6,200 words.
    It began with a box. The unexpected romance of Elizabeth Weir & Ladon Radim.



Spoken Thus altorogue at 2007-02-07 03:10 (UTC) (Stability)
I simply adore your portrayals of Ladon and Elizabeth. You've turned them into real people, and it is a joy to read about them.
Spoken Thus mardahin at 2007-02-07 16:45 (UTC) (Stability)
Thanks! I just can't stand them being as two-dimensional as they're portrayed (oftentimes through no fault of the actors, but rather the source material and situations) - I understand why we can't see some of the other sides of Elizabeth? But that doesn't mean I like it!

*Hugs* Thanks for the praise ^_^
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