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Posted by slybrarian on 10.09.2008. at 01:10
Title: Flashpoint
Author: slybrarian
Rating: R
Pairings: Plot-centric with Sheppard/Lorne and others
Series: Dramatic Exit, directly follows Into the Whirlwind
Words: 31,000 total

Summary: With independence achieved, Atlantis must now stand on its own. Not everyone is happy about it, though, and the Wraith are not the only enemies that they need to worry about. The Lanteans must deal with Genii, Larrin, SG-1, the IOA, and others as they build their nation.

Complete Chapter Listing
Part 1 - Problem Child
Part 2 - Synchronize Your Dogmas
Part 3 - Uninvited Guest
Part 4 - Gunboat Diplomat
Part 5 - Excuses and Accusations
Part 6 - Killing Time; and Part 7 - Thank You And Good Night

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Into the Whirlwind

Posted by slybrarian on 09.08.2008. at 21:27
Title: Into the Whirlwind
Author: slybrarian
Rating: R
Pairings: Primarily Sheppard/Lorne, background Ronon/Keller and others
Words: 66,500
Series: Dramatic Exit

Summary: In his trip to the future, John saw a possible reality in which his team died and Earth abandoned Atlantis. He managed to prevent the first, but now the IOA has recalled Colonel Carter and replaced her with Richard Woolsey, as holo-Rodney predicted. Determined to insure a better future for Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy, he gathers a group of trusted friends to help him guarantee Atlantis will remain operational no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

Author's Notes: Beta'd by archae_ology. This fic was started back in March and took forever to get finished. Some people may note that scenes of it are taken from previous fics, which have been reworked to fit into a new, more sensible and coherent timeline. This fic is mostly self-contained, but it would probably help to read "Spiraling Towards Disaster" first if you're curious how Sheppard and Lorne ended up together. Spoilers up through about 5x02, at which point things go AU.

Chapter ListingCollapse )

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sharing the love....

Posted by jen_chan13 on 23.01.2008. at 19:23
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i want to pimp spread the word about a fic i just recently found and read. can i do that? is that allowed? also, is this common knowledge that i just somehow missed?

well, anyway, i've just read an amazing free atlantis fic by speranza, whose work i've voraciously followed for over a year now. i haven't been in sga fandom for several months, but i was randomly flipping through my bookmarks for something to read, and had settled on speranza's "what to do in denver when you're dead" (also good!) when i found this.Collapse )

i apologize for spamming anyone who's already read this, and i hope i'm not breaking any rules by sharing how much i appreciated this fic. hopefully someone around here is more out of the loop than me and will get an enjoyable evening out of this post.

.... *hides*

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An Appeal for Help!!!

Posted by saffie_lew on 21.11.2007. at 16:29
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I'm currently working on an `Atlantis Separates from Earth` fic and I'm looking for someone to discuss it with.  I need to go over the major world-building type details and mak sure that everything makes sense.  I would also like to make sure that I haven't inadvertantly stolen anything from other stories of this type, so I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Basically I'm looking for a pre-beta reader, someone to discuss my ideas with.  Anyone who can help will earn my eternal gratitude and huge thank you's (pick your font size) if I ever manage to get any part of this monster posted.


It started out as a tiny little kidfic to make myself feel better about the massive amounts of coursework I had left to do.  Then it turned into not such a feel good kidfic.  And then I started asking questions...(never a good idea if you ever want to get something finsihed).

It will in some most points be McShep.  This is my main pairing, and it used to be focused on the relationship, but then other things started jumping out and shouting `look at me, look at me`, so I'm not sure how major the relationship will be now.

There is a child involved in some of it.  This child is not biologically related to either Sheppard or McKay.  There is no MPreg.

This is set post season 3.  One of the issues I'm trying to iron out, is how to fit aspects of Season 4 into it without making certain character changes.

Many Thanks in Advance.

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Secession Series - Dramatic Exit

Posted by slybrarian on 22.07.2007. at 17:38
*tap tap* Anyone still watching this com?

I've been writing a number of fics lately in a single universe, which is slowly but surely turning into some sort of secession series. It's nowhere near complete, and I have no idea when it will be, and tends to meander around as random ideas hit me. There is a (very vague) overall plot being outlined, though, so rest assured, they will actually secede at some point. Thus far there's a couple of slash pairings, with the central one being Sheppard/Lorne - yes, it's a bit odd, but I decided bit of variety from all the McShep would be nice (and besides, Pilot/Pilot is the only way to fly).

I've made a table of contents, listing them in order as posted and as they take place. The specific order you read them in doesn't matter usually, although it might make more sense starting with furtherest up the timeline.

(Dramatic Exit - Table of Contents)


Atlantean Government

Posted by saphanibaal on 28.03.2007. at 14:50
If/when they do secede, they'll probably need a more stable government than what they have now (also -- my watching's been pretty sporadic; did they ever show us a recognized procedure for what would happen if Weir got, say, pneumonia and was flat on her back for a week?): what sort of model do people think they might go for?

Title: Gone, but not Forgotten - I. Miko (1/6)
Universe: Bridges. Direct sequel to Glimpses of the Edge.
Author: mardahin
Rating: PG
Characters: Miko, Captain Cushman (OMC)
Author's Note: This series is billed as the sequel to Glimpses, but in reality it's more like a dark cousin. It will, through the course of six 'snapshots', explore the world of those left behind on Earth when Atlantis rebelled - either due to obligation or a lack of opportunity. Some of these are humorous, and some are serious. Appropriate warnings will surface as needed.

Summary: "Are you married, Cushman?" "No, sir. I mean, I don't think so."

X-Posted to sga_noticeboard

Also, I wanted to link an earlier piece that I'm not sure made it over here. Also in the Bridges Universe, it's a Brochure for the second annual gathering of Pegasus Survivors.

Atlantis - Independent Spirit

Secession Fic! 3 Installments of the "Bridges" Universe

Posted by mardahin on 06.02.2007. at 21:30
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In order to avoid spamming everyone, I'm posting a single link for the 3 pieces I've recently posted in the Bridges Universe - the one that branches off post-The Return Part 2 - as part of 14valentines.
  • Glimpses of the Edge - PG-13. 3,500 words.
    The aftermath of the Alliance of Atlantis through the eyes of five very different women.

  • Before, Between, and After - PG-13. 1,500 words.
    But if there was one thing the Pegasus Galaxy had taught Elizabeth, it was that no victory comes without a price. She hadn't realized that the cost of protecting Atlantis would be her soul. Elizabeth, from "Rising" through Bridges and beyond.

  • All She Wants/All She Needs - PG-13. 6,200 words.
    It began with a box. The unexpected romance of Elizabeth Weir & Ladon Radim.


Atlantis - Independent Spirit

Admin: On a related note...

Posted by mardahin on 30.01.2007. at 04:20
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I know I'm not the only member of the community. Seriously, folks, speak up.

If you find an interesting fic, rec it.

If you want to discuss rumors about future secession, LJ-Cut it and run wild.

If you want to discuss how you think Atlantis should break away, give us your thoughts.

If you don't think Atlantis should break away, tells us why not.

Not that I plan to stop posting, but I'd hate for this to be a one woman show.

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Fic Rec: Eleven Moments by ladyflowdi

Posted by mardahin on 30.01.2007. at 04:12
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Title: Eleven Moments
Author: Dianann (ladyflowdi)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/ Stargate SG1
Main Character(s): Sam, Daniel, McKay, Sheppard
Warnings: crossover fic with some mention of major character death (who are not listed above)
Rating: R for language
Summary: The moments of Sam Carter’s life, both on Earth and on Atlantis.

Reccer's Note: Dianann does a wonderful job of playing with some of the spoilers that have surfaced recently regarding season 4 SGA. However, if you haven't been spoiled, the piece is well enough crafted that you won't know what's her creation and what's Gateworld Rumor. Sam Carter makes a very interesting lens through which to see elements of Atlantis, and Dianann does a really nice job at playing with that outsider-but-insider's perspective.

Spoilers: Explicit spoilers through Common Ground (SGA 03x07), possible inference thereafter.

Atlantis - Independent Spirit

A few recs - "Left to Fend" and "The Body Holographic" by springwoof

Posted by mardahin on 25.12.2006. at 18:06
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I was recently perusing the "Abandonment Challenge" listing on sga_flashfic, and came across springwoof's Left To Fend (Gen, PG).

It's a gen AU that branches off around the beginning of the second season, looking at the question "just how far would Elizabeth go to defend her people?" It's told primarily from the POV of the 'rescuers', and a definitely original approach to the concept of Independent Atlantis.

She has kindly given me permission to re-list it here, as well as the slash sequel The Body Holographic (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17).

As a side-note: Let this serve in future as a template for posting links to fiction/fan-art/fan-vids that were written by a third party. Make sure to include the author/artist's name, the pairings and ratings of the work, and a link. Also, please (at the least), leave a comment with the author and let them know you've posted a link over here incase they're touchy about archiving. Feel free to 'rec' Gen, Het, or Slash; and I'd be interested to know if you'd like me to start a master-list similar to the one over at parrish_lorne.


Title: Progeny
Beta: ladyholder
Series: Intersections, sequel to Ripples In the Space Between
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Fraser/Kowalski, Sarah McKay/Scott Fraser (OFC/OMC)
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Due South
Author's Note: First, in my own defense, this was named and conceived long before there was an SGA ep named Progeny. I claimed it first!!. I was going to post this as part of the sga_flashfic amnesty under the heading "Culture Clash" (Well, it's more "Clash of the Titans", but close enough). However, it ran a bit long, and a bit late. A lot of the scenes in this were inspired, at least in part, by norabombay. Throw things at her!!
Caveats: It's helpful if you've read at least a little of "Ripples" (Act 3, BAND Camp, will give you the necessary character backgrounds), but for those who don't want to invest that much time, it should still be understandable. It's an AU-Post-S2 fic, so don't be shocked if I reference the A.S.V. Orion at some point.

Summary: For your physics homework: If the daughter of McKay & Sheppard were to meet the son of Fraser & Kowalski and fall in love, calculate the speed of the approaching apocalypse.

X-Posted to sga_noticeboard, mckay_sheppard

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Secession Fic: Bridges You Cross & Bridges Revisited (PG-13)

Posted by mardahin on 11.12.2006. at 17:50
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Title: Bridges You Cross & Bridges Revisited
Author: mardahin
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Both versions are set during and immediately after "The Return Part 1" (SGA 03x10); Bridges Revisited has mention of several canon events in "Return Part 2" (SGA 03x11).
Author's Note: This was written initially as a "what if" - it's how I would have liked to see "The Return" be resolved, but knew would never happen. When "The Return Part 2" aired, I decided to re-write "Bridges You Cross" to be more in-line with canon, changing the branch off point to the end of Return 2 instead of the beginning. There is a sequel in the works, but no promises on when it will be completed, and these certainly stand well alone.

Summary: After "The Return Part 1", they got lucky. They got incredibly lucky. But what if they hadn't? How far would the command staff have gone to defend their home? After all, it wasn't even really theirs to lose, was it? Told from the perspective of Elizabeth Weir.

Title: The Memoirs Universe
Author: mardahin
Beta: wymsie
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Lorne/Novak, Lorne/Parrish, McKay/Sheppard, eventual Teyla/Ronon.
Warnings/Spoilers: Written prior to the airing of most of Season 3, specifically before "The Return" (03x10). Thus my canon gets a little bendy as of mid-S3, but there are no direct references to any S3 episodes.
Author's Note: This epic series, which is around 40,000 words I think, started with a 700 word flashfic for the Dark Side Challenge. I took the theory of the ATA therapy coming back to bite them in the ass, and ran with it. This is the result.

Summary: To those who survived the first few years, Atlantis proved both a blessing and a curse. She was a tender mother, but she was also a jealous lover. Once you were hers, there was no going back.

Sarah McKay

Free Atlantis Fic! "Ripples In the Space Between" (PG-13)

Posted by mardahin on 11.12.2006. at 14:29
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I'm going to be egotistical and repost my secession/abandoned/colonial fics here (since it is, after all, my comm & the point *is* to have a collection of Free Atlantis fic).

Thought I'd start stuff off with an epic, just for the 'boom' potential.

Title: Ripples in the Space Between
Author: mardahin
Betae: shrewreader, wychwood
Rating: PG-13 for the series
Warnings: MPreg (mentioned), Het, Slash, Original Characters
Pairings: Beckett/Cadman, Lorne/Parrish, McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka, OFC/OFC, OMC/OFC, others inferred.
Word Count: 57,000-ish
Author's Note: This started as a 14 Valentine's one-shot and kind of exploded. It has 3 distinct acts, as well as a sequel in the works. It was one of my earlier works in SGA, but I still like it. It was written before the airing of "No Man's Land" (03x01), so canon is only consistant through "Allies" (02x20). I'm going to list the individual acts below, the page for the whole monstrosity can be found by clicking on the title above.

  • Letters to a John Doe
    A year in Atlantis, through the eyes of its Lone OB/GYN. The story is set 2007-8, and follows Dr. Laura James from recruitment to resident.

  • Extraordinary: Tales from the Playpens of Atlantis
    A look at the very serious issues faced when Earth decides to re-establish communication with the outpost they'd abandoned, through the eyes of the children. Set in 2011.

  • Captain's Log
    The personal and official logs of COL J. T. Vong, the man sent to ascertain the status of the 'lost' expedition. Set parallel to Extraordinary.

  • B.A.N.D. Camp
    When the children who had grown up in Atlantis wanted to attend Earth universities, it created a problem. This was the military's attempt to solve it. Set in the Earth-Summer of 2024.

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